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How Small Businesses Can Save Money Easily

When you’re a small business, saving money can mean the difference between just keeping your head above water, and being able to invest a surplus into other aspects of the company! Those little victories can make the difference between a business being able to grow quickly or not.

However, many businesses might not know where to start when it comes to cutting corners on expenses. Many might imagine it involves collecting dozens of coupons and remembering lengthy codes just to save a few dollars. Tiny businesses and sole proprietorships may also not have the time to do lots of research on saving money. Others still may struggle to find other forms of loan-free income, such as angel investors.

This guide will help small business owners find ways to save a couple of dollars without having to uproot their routine.

1. Find Business Discounts

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Discounts for businesses are perhaps the easiest way to save money. Many other businesses remember when they were starting out small, and want to pay it forward (excuse the pun!). To do this, many suppliers will offer goods at a discount exclusively for businesses. One notable vendor that does this is Amazon, with its Amazon Business pricing model.

But it doesn’t stop there! If you need tech, then cell phone service providers such as Samsung and AT&T offer business discounts as well. On top of that, Newegg has a separate business site called Newegg Business that can get you set up with hardware and software at a cheaper price.

If your business involves taking lots of trips, no need to worry! There are several travel companies that offer small businesses discounts on their services and offer double the frequent flier miles per flight. As an example, the “Business Extra” system with American Airlines offers two points for every ten dollars spent on American and their business partners including British Airways and Finnair, for example. These points can then be redeemed for flights or other perks.

2. Get a Card with American Express

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American Express offers a great number of business credit cards to entrepreneurs, each with their own unique benefits. For example, some cards offer multipliers on frequent flier miles with Delta Airlines and other associated travel expenses like eating at restaurants.

Other cards offer hotel-specific perks, such as six times Marriott Bonvoy points, or twelve times Hilton Honors bonus points. The Plum card offers a 1.5 times early pay discount if you start paying back within 10 days of a purchase, extra days to pay before a deadline, and no foreign transaction fees so you can do business globally. Talk about useful!

3. Coupons and Discount Codes

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Not all businesses offer business-specific discounts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get better prices from them! Many places, both online and in-person, offer discount codes and coupons for business owners. You can easily find these discounts through various websites.

Rakuten, for example, is a website where you earn cash back just for shopping with partnered stores! All you have to do is add on the extension to your browser, and it will automatically activate when you shop online for business supplies.  As for finding coupon codes, Honey searches the internet for all codes applicable to your purchase and automatically applies them. As with Rakuten, Honey is an out-of-the-way browser extension that does its thing while you shop.

Saving money doesn’t always need to be an arduous task. With the right tools and knowledge at your disposal, you can save money without changing your routine at all!